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From now, all shipments will be processed once a week.
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Secured payment


Our secured payment

A "secured" payment means that transactions made on the Internet are protected against malicious interceptions of the data exchanged.

On the zw-fishing.com online store, we use SSL protocol to secure payments. SSL protocol is a standard protocol used and recognized worldwide for the protection of data transmitted over the Internet.

We chose the French Bank "Crédit Agricole" through their e-transactions solution and Paypal, a worldwide recognized payment solution, to ensure all transactions.

Whatever the payment solution chosen, you can check that the exchanges are well secured. To do this, the address in your browser must have an "s" behind http and therefore be of the form https: //. You should also see a small padlock on your browser.

The data you provide is encrypted before your computer send it to e-transactions or Paypal payment server and does not transit through our site.


With Visa / Mastercard

e-transactions secured payment 3D secure


When you want to make a payment by credit card on zw-fishing.com, you are automatically redirected to the e-transactions payment server to apply for authorization from your bank.


1) e-transactions needs the following information to validate the transaction:

  • Your card Number : 16 digits divided into 4 blocks of 4 digits, present in relief on the front face of your card,
  • The Expiration date: in relief on the front face of your card, after the mention "EXPIRE END"
  • The Card Verification Value code: the last 3 digits printed on the back of your card,
  • The 3D-Secure code(s) sent by your bank.

2) Upon receipt of the authorization reply, e-transactions simultaneously sends a response to the server of our site and a receipt on the screen of your computer. Your order will be validated only after receipt of this authorization by our site.


3) The e-transactions server sends the transaction to bank (debits your bank account and credits the bank account of Z&W Nature S.A.S.).


Recall :

The exchanges between e-transactions and you, via your computer, (steps 2 and 3) are encrypted. Only the e-transactions banking server retrieves the information you sent in step 1.

At no time, your confidential data pass through our site.


With Paypal

Payment: Paypal

When you want to make a payment with Paypal on zw-fishing.com, you are automatically redirected to the Paypal payment server.

1) Log in PayPal. If you do not already have a PayPal account, you can open one here.

2) Ensure the accuracy of your shipping details, payment method and order details. Click the Confirm Payment button to complete your purchase.


Recall :

The exchanges between Paypal and you, via your computer are encrypted. Only Paypal recovers the information you have transmitted.

At no time, your confidential data pass through our site.